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A vibrant cultural scene sets a city’s tone. When streets and public places are alive with the arts, knowledge and history, they attract life and pulsate with an energy that invigorates its citizens and nurtures community.
Preserving, displaying and enhancing our culture is important for creating an understanding of social values, beliefs, religions and customs, and allows communities to identify with others of similar mindsets and backgrounds. Architecture and Urban Design plays a vital role in cultural expression, and can simultaneously reflect and define culture through both large buildings that showcase national expression and smaller interventions in streets, parks,  workplaces, and educational establishments.
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National Maritime Museum of China

by Cox Architecture

World Architecture Award

Michael Bailey was the assistant design lead working under the project director from concept through to tender

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Australian Age of Dinosaurs Stage 4

by Cox Architecture

Michael Bailey worked with the client to develop the brief and finalise the concept design for the funding package

Cairns Entertainment Precinct

by Cox Architecture

Michael Bailey worked alongside the design director throughout concept design
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