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At Open Architecture Studio, we understand how to deliver on the big ideas that make learning environments great and we also understand the technical detail on how to build these spaces. Our work at Foxwell State High School is a great example of this understanding and expertise, as is the Pimpama North Primary School that is due to open in 2021.
These projects, along with others, reflect how the education landscape has changed over the past fifteen years. New teaching and learning methods, as well as new subjects, mean that education spaces have evolved to support new types of engagement. The standard rectangular classroom has morphed into a variety of dedicated spaces that support enhanced learning, cater for special needs, accommodate group learning, include specialised equipment, and allow individual focus time.
The latest change in learning - the shift to online that has been spurred on by the isolation and travel restrictions in 2020, has lead to some surprising discoveries. A new consensus has emerged that whilst remote learning offers several benefits and certainly has its place in modern education, many have, in fact, realised that quality learning environments and face-to-face contact is more important than ever. People love to be in the same place, to share stories and experiences, and learn together.
At Open Architecture Studio, we understand how to deliver great learning environments that are designed for the new revolution in education.
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Translational Research Institute

by Donovan Hill

National Architecture Award

Michael Bailey was involved in the design and documentation stages

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

by Cox Architecture

State Architecture Award
Michael Bailey was the project lead from concept through to delivery and worked closely with the Watpac team in a design and construct contract.