Honey Farm Road Sport and Recreation Precinct, Sunshine Coast

Designed in conjunction with Otium and lead consultant Green Edge Design, the newly released draft master plan for the 75-hectare Honey Farm Road Sport and Recreation Precinct at Meridan Plains provides a range of facilities for active sports, outdoor recreation, healthy living and community events.

The precinct embraces best-practice for climate-responsive design that take advantage of our subtropical climate and lifestyle. In particular, the clubhouses adopt an innovative new planning approach that is designed to reduce power consumption, allow natural ventilation and lighting, and provide excellent flexibility and functionality for players, officials, and spectators.

Centrally located within the southern half of the Sunshine Coast, the site is easily accessible for a large portion of the community and includes a highly functional regional sports facility, a unique district recreation park for all ages and abilities, and a number of other dedicated facilities including:

  • Rectangular soccer and rugby fields

  • Oval fields for AFL and a regional cricket clubhouse

  • Open space and a potential disc golf course

  • Criterium cycle Track

  • Tennis courts and an indoor table tennis facility

  • Outdoor event spaces

  • Youth play spaces, including a pump track

  • Nature trails and running tracks

  • Local dog parks

“Providing spaces to play and practise sports helps bring people together and helps shape our local identity,” - Sunshine Coast Council Division 3 Councillor Peter Cox

The development of the Honey Farm Road Sport and Recreation Precinct will be staged in line with council budget allocations and external funding opportunities, catering for growth in community population, while evolving over time in line with changing community demands.

Project Information

Area: Total 75 Ha


Project Lead: Green Edge Design

Sport: Otium Group

Architects: Open Architecture Studio

  • Michael Bailey

  • Chapman Leijenaar

  • Suzy Syme