Open Architecture Studio is a vibrant young architectural practice
designing inspirational community and public projects across South East Queensland.
About Us
With offices in Brisbane CBD and Moreton Bay Region, our studio specialises in large-scale education, sport, cultural and mixed-use projects.
The studio is led by senior architects who have delivered award-winning projects throughout their careers, including the Winton Dinosaur Museum in Central Queensland, the $400M National Maritime Museum of China,  and the zero-carbon Sir Samuel Griffith Centre in Brisbane. This highly acclaimed work has continued, with the  opening in 2020 of a $65M innovative vertical school and sports excellence centre at Foxwell State Secondary College on the Gold Coast.
With the capacity to deliver large and complex projects in short time-frames, we take pride in our team's technical expertise, personal service, 3D documentation, Virtual Reality capability, and strong design sensibility. Our culture of 'openness' means that we are approachable, receptive, curious, inventive and engaging, and value:
  • Strong, honest relationships
  • Thoughtful place-making
  • Ideas that are both robust and poetic
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Delight in the natural landscape
  • Buildings that are open-able
  • Clients that are open-minded
  • Stories that are open-ended
If you are looking for a  architectural team with fresh ideas, boundless energy and a creative but practical approach to design, then we'd love to hear from you!
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